1 Rate are for per tonne according to Vehicle Types

2 Rate are excluding of Taxes, extra GST charge applicable as per tax rate

3 No charges  for Insurance of material (on applicable)

4 Guarantee charge to be paid  by client as per vehicle to the company (Sanio Logistics).

5 Commission will be  calculated and transfer as per distance and type of vehicle.

6 Forest charge and any other charges as per state paid by client.

7 Booking is applicable for current date and  future date also.

8 Booking confirmed on payment of advance as per Mobile Application ( if Available) at the time of booking.

9 Payment of consignment will be transfer to you or truck owner as per your consent.

10 Damrage/Detention charge applicable as per delay of days per vehicle

11 Rewards will be paid to you on registered Trucks on every consignment upto one year.

12 TDS will be deducted on transaction as per income tax rules applicability.

13 All disputes shall be subject to Dhanbad jurisdiction.